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This site was created as a project similar to the PostSecret project by Frank Warren.
The images on this site are not to be reused, distributed, reproduced or modified without consent.

The purpose of this site is for everyone to bring across a message to everyone else.

"Words and messages may sometimes help change a person's life, even in the smallest ways."
We'll be updated every Sunday with the week's collection of secrets. :)


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2:48 PM, Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back For Good.

Dear readers,

We are glad to say that we are back again.
The reason why we have been missing for the past few weeks is because someone had hacked into the system and the Gmail support team took quite awhile to get back to us.
But no worries, there's nothing modified or missing from the site or our emails.
We have installed new firewalls and extra passwords to prevent any future hacking.

We also want to thank YOU, our readers for your patience.
These are the updates for the past week.
Do keep those emails coming in. :)

Updates will resume again on every Sunday.

With love,
The Cutting Ropes Team

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1:10 AM, Sunday, June 15, 2008

Passing by.

As the weeks go by, we seem to get alot of different types of expressions.
Some very personal ones, some thought provoking and some very profound entries.

Keep those emails coming in people. :)

Note: We've added a chatbox for everyone to drop your comments and any suggestions for improvement. :)
The Cutting Rope Team

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9:53 AM, Saturday, June 7, 2008

Thoughts to be shared.

Dear readers,

We are really glad with the good responses that we've been getting. :)
Though we've always been talking about releasing pent up emotions and thought cards, there are contributors who even expressed their opinions on the recent petrol increase, which is also useful in creating a sort of awareness, that everything is increasing and we should all learn to save.
This is only our second week and we're hoping for more contributions for the upcoming week.
Keep those emails coming in. :)

Cutting Ropes.

*NOTE: Hey, beauty doesnt rule everything in life. Life requires so much more than that and beauty is just an understatement from commercialization. Dont give up just yet for life has so much more to offer. It's what you make of your life that matters. In fact, value your life for it is much more valuable than beauty itself.*

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11:39 PM, Saturday, May 31, 2008

Our 1st 5 Entries.

The Cutting Rope Project has officially launched.
We want to thank our first five contributors who sent in their confessions below.
The site will be updated weekly (Saturday/Sunday) with everything that we've received within the week.
We'll be anticipating more contributions from our fellow Malaysians. :)

*click on image for larger view*

p/s: We want to thank the bloggers who have already participated in introducing us around in the blogsphere. We encourage all of you who come across our page to do the same. Do email us your blog link and we'll check you out. :) Thanx.

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4:29 AM, Friday, May 30, 2008

The Cutting Rope Project

Dear readers,

This site is the effort of a group of people who have come together to share our thoughts and insights on the ups and downs of life.

LIFE, as we all know it is difficult especially when we're down or stuck in a rut. It's the kind of emotion that usually drives many to the point of no return. We've been there and we've seen many of our loved friends and families going through times like these. It's not an easy emotion to cope with. But you'll be surprised as how little words of encouragement are able to lift a person's spirits, even when they're merely dangling on the last thread of life.

Why 'Cutting Ropes'? We all see life which starts with a freedom as an individual. But as we grow older, this freedom that we have becomes weighed down by our responsibilities, work, problems, and so on. With that, we end up doing what others wants or expects of us; not what we want to do for ourselves. The Cutting Rope Project is about cutting away the ropes that have been controlling us like puppets; be it emotionally or physically.

This project is dedicated to just that. Giving hope to those who need it and giving others a chance to carry across their message. It's about having a different outlook on life & knowing that you are not alone.

Be the first to take part in this project and send in your images (JPEG files) to us here at :

the cutting rope team.

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